Frequently Asked Questions
To help answer any questions you may have about the Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions Online Administration Web Site, your coverage or the processing of your claim, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions section for you.
Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions Online Administration Web Site - Answers

1. Is the information on the Online Administration site secure?

The transmission of all pages on the Online Administration site is secured through Thawt encryption. In addition, information forwarded to us through these web pages is also secure. The lock symbol in your browser window indicates that the page is secure. A login ID and password are required to access services and information specific for your organization's Plan Administrator's use. Never share your password with others. Back to Top

2. How do I choose a password that is secure?

A secure password must be at least 8 characters long and must have a mix of upper and lowercase letters, as well as at least one numeral digit. Do not use words or phrases that have personal significance. Try to memorize the password, and avoid writing it down. Back to Top

3. How do I change my password?

To change your password, click on the "Change Password" link in the side menu after logging in to the Online Administration site. You will be directed to type in your user ID, your old password and then to confirm the new password. Back to Top

4. How do I gain access to the Online Administration site?

To gain access to the Online Administration site you will require a login ID and a password. Please contact your Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions Insurance Advisor at 1-800-665-8990 to request access. Back to Top

5. Who will have access to the information provided on the Online Administration site?

We know that confidentiality of personal information is important. Access to your information will be limited to our employees and representatives in the performance of their jobs, persons to whom you have granted access in writing, and persons authorized by law. Back to Top

6. What type of changes will I be able to make?

You will be able to make a number of administration changes through the Online Administration site including adding or terminating an employee, adding, editing or deleting a dependent, updating salary information and viewing contact information. Back to Top

7. What type of information will I have access to?

You will be able to view, download and print your administration and claim forms, administration guide, certificates of insurance, and summary of coverage reports. Back to Top

8. What should I do if I experience problems using the Online Administration site?

If you experience problems using the Online Administration site, please contact your Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions Insurance Advisor at 1-800-665-8990 for assistance. Back to Top

9. Why do I need to select a personal verification question and answer?

The personal verification question and answer are used to help keep your account secure. Back to Top

10. How do I choose a good (and secure) answer to the personal verification question?

The answer to your personal verification question should not be identical to your login ID or Password. Do do not use information that others can easily obtain. Back to Top
Administrative and Claims - Answers

1. Who is eligible for Employee Benefits?

Employees who are working on a full-time and full-pay basis, working a minimum of 20 hours per week and nine months of the year, or as stipulated in your Collective Agreement. Back to Top

2. When are employees eligible for benefits?

Employees are eligible the date the waiting period is satisfied. The standard waiting period is 3 months from the effective date of hire. The request for coverage must be made within 31 days of being eligible. Back to Top

3. Does the Employee Benefits program include travel coverage?

Yes, travel coverage is included under most of the Extended Health Care options of the program. The coverage is 100% for out-of-country emergency medical expenses up to a maximum of $5,000,000 per calendar year. Maximum trip duration is 90 days. Back to Top

4. Where do I send my claim forms?

Please send all claim forms directly to Green Shield Canada. All address information can be found on the claim form. Back to Top

5. Who is Green Shield Canada?

Green Shield Canada is the claims payment provider for the Employee Benefits Program. All EHC, Dental and Vision claims are sent to Green Shield directly. They are located in Windsor, Ontario. Back to Top

6. Both my spouse and I have coverage through work –where should I send my claim form?

If you and your spouse both have Family Health and Dental Coverage, claims can be submitted to both plans for maximum coverage. Each plan member should send expenses to their own plan first and then to their spouse’s plan for any outstanding expenses. If there are children, start with the plan of the parent with the birth month that is earlier in the calendar year. For example, if Paul’s birthday is August 20, 1968 and Susan’s birthday is May 24, 1969, claims for the dependent children should go to Susan’s plan first. Back to Top
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